about us

Who we are?

Rubber Manufacturer Supplier Exporter Company Mumbai

We envision our selves to be one of most trusted and admired Rubber companies in the world by providing quality products to our highly valued customers at all times.

Ensuring total customer satisfaction is our motto, we strive to achieve it through continuous improvement in our production processes, upgrading the manufacturing system with technological development and delivering quality products at all costs.

Quality Our Commitment

Brcw is an iso 9001:2008 as on may 2015:
BOMBAY RUBBER AND CARBON WORKS committed in endeavor to meet and satisfy customer needs through our products/services by way of continues improvements in our products. With a sheer conviction to increase our market share, we make sure our each product remain ahead of our competitors products in terms of quality & durability. Since large segment of our products are made of polymers, so we make sure that the polymer we use should be 100% defect free and maintain it physical properties for long duration.

Product Quality

We work with the premise that 'There can be no ACTION without ANALYSIS and no ANALYSIS without measurement'.

This allows us to create a very detailed picture of our processes and the ability to assess the capability of our plant, processes, materials and finished products.

    Through this investment and analysis we are able to:

  • Make evidence based decisions
  • Identify trends
  • Optimize our processes
  • Improve quality
  • Ensure that processes and components are continuously improved
  • Ensure that our operations are the 'best they can be'


Wide Range of Rubber Products

Molded Inflatable Seal

The best alternative elastomer will be selected. We Can mould with or withour fabric in foll rubber grades.

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Viton Extrusion

Viton Generally is used in Chemical Process plants, Power Utility Seals & Gaskets.

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Bioprene Preistaltic Tubing

BIOPRENE exhibits many similar properties to Silicone tubing but at a more price.

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