Molded Rubber Flange Gasket

Molded Rubber Gasket

Rubber Manufacturer Supplier Exporter Company Mumbai

We manufacture die cut rubber flange gaskets and and molded flange gaskets in a wide variety of grades and color , thicknesses and hardness. The standard thickness of silicone rubber ranges from .010" to 1" thick. rubbers hardness typically from 25 to 80 Shore A.

We also make. molded and die cut conductive silicone gaskets Conductive Silicone is a unique composite of high quality silicone and conductive microscopic particles which are commonly used for electronic applications. These rubbers are filled with special conductive fillers such as; carbon, nickel, silicone plated glass, silver plated nickel, silver plated aluminum, silver plated copper, silver and reinforced silver plated copper to be either thermally or electrically conductive. We also manufacture fabric reinforced flange gasket